Glideseal Idler Rollers ™

JLV Industries is proud of the innovative developments of the Glideseal idler roller. The Glideseal roller directly addresses the inherent problems associated with conventional idler rollers, and in doing so provides an environment, personnel, and equipment friendly roller with low noise emissions, ease of handling, and low vibration, coupled with an extremely long service life.


The Glideseal idler roller is designed for conveying applications where long life, low noise emission and low vibration are paramount.

Glideseal idler roller


  • Long bearing life using multiple integral sealing and synthetic lubricants.
  • Polymeric end housings highly resistant to degradation from stress and weathering.
  • Maintenance free operation.
  • Low noise and vibration emissions.
  • When an aluminium shell is selected, extremely low noise emissions, low rotational mass reducing power draw, very low handling weight and excellent corrosion resistance are achieved.

Glideseal idler cross-section

Safer Handling

Glideseal rollers are also manufactured in an extra low weight version, which is predominantly used for long trough and return idler rollers. With this technology, single roll return rollers that normally weigh 50 kg can now be manufactured with a mass of no more than 21 kg. These are being mainly used on stacker / reclaimers and shiploading facilities where accessibility is restricted and personnel need a light product to prevent injury.

Safer Handling


127mm Dia and 152mm Dia rollers can be manufactured to suit client specifications. Rollers are continually developed to suit the exact requirements of each client to obtain the most effective roller possible.


The following tables identify the variance between roller shell types to identify the resultant noise and vibration emissions. The parameters velocity and acceleration have been represented as decibels re 1 mm/sec and 1 g respectively.

Noise & Vibration

JLV Glideseal rollers have on average a 10 dBA lower noise emission than conventional conveyor rollers.

Noise v TIR

Testing History

The JLV Glideseal idler roller has been site tested for more than ten years without incident and during that time significant enhancements have been made to further improve sealing efficiencies and ultimate roller life.

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