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Glideseal™ Pulleys for Cable Hauled Conveyors

In August 1999 JLV announced the successful development of a new pulley design called Glideseal, with the following features.

image: Glideseal Pulley complete with tyre, rims & cartridge.

Glideseal™ Pulley

image: Single piece polyurethane tyres (Mono Tyres).

Mono Tyres

Single piece polyurethane tyre

  • The new design features a moulded single piece tyre, which is mechanically assembled onto the hub with existing rim steels. The tyre is not bonded to the steel as previously. Extensive field testing has shown significant improvements in wear and durability properties. (more than double the normal life)

Polyurethane bearing housing

  • The bearing housing is similar to that used in our Glideseal Idlers. This design has superior sealing efficiency, resulting in extended bearing life and noise reduction properties.

Noise reduction properties

  • The combination of the single piece tyre and the polyurethane bearing housing results in significant noise reduction.

On-site installation

  • Initially, the rim steels will need to be cleaned, additional holes drilled (to accomodate locating lugs moulded on to the tyre) and hot dip galvanised to increase service life. After this work, future field change-outs will involve simply the replacement of the single piece tyre and bearing housing cartridges only.


  • Australian and International patent applications for the Glideseal pulley have been filed.

image: Glideseal Pulley cross section.

Glideseal™ Pulley