Pre-Troughed Combi-Belt ™

JLV's own unique pre-troughed belt construction, the "Combi-Belt" is reinforced by a combination of steel rods and mesh. Generally belts were previously reinforced with rods or fabric but not both. These are of inferior design. JLV have patents protecting the unique design of this "Combi" belt.

image: A "slice" of Combi-Belt ™ showing the internal components.

Pre-Troughed Combi-Belt ™

This is not the original 'strapped belt' or 'rodded belt'. It was designed specifically to overcome the deficiencies of rodded and mesh belt and to provide increased belt life.

Proven Advantages

  • Guaranteed no "soft spots" caused by incorrect manufacture.
  • Composite mesh/rod matrix "locks up" to prevent belt from collapsing.
  • Distortions caused by heavy impact can be repaired.
  • Damage to fabric and rods caused by skirt and scraper wear does not cause critical failure.
  • Can be pre-troughed to suit individual customer requirements.
  • Can be refurbished to provide increased life.

image: Pre-Troughed Combi-Belt diagram.

Pre-Troughed Combi-Belt ™

image: Mesh reinforced belt diagram.

Mesh Reinforced Belt

We can also manufacture the traditional Mesh Belt if required but this comes with a limited service life, which is inherent with the design. This design of belt dates back to the 1970's and minimal progress has been made to increase the performance, durability and service life of the product. While we strongly recommend Combi-Belt for all cable hauled conveying systems there are sometimes situations where Mesh Belt must be used. These situations may include the following;

  • Lack of flexibility or time for conducting trials.
  • Partial order only to replace mesh belt in a 100% mesh belt system.